Journal Club

Our lab meets each week to discuss experiments, data, and other issues.  We hold a journal club from 12:00 – 1:00 PM in PSYC 336 to talk about new and classic papers and facilitate thought about new experiments, and increase our knowledge of what other labs are doing.  Researchers from other labs are welcome to attend.  The journal club is loosely focused on mathematical models as formal theories of cognition.

Links to the articles below are for educational purposes only.

1/26/18 Erev, I., Ert, E., Plonsky, O., Cohen, D., & Cohen, O. (2017). From anomalies to forecasts: Toward a descriptive model of decisions under risk, under ambiguity, and from experience.  Psychological Review, 124 (4), 369-409.  .pdf

1/19/18 Shepard, R.N. (1987).  Toward a universal law of generalization in psychological science.  Science, 237 (4820), 1317-1323. .pdf

12/21/17 Yechiam, E. & Ert, E. (2007).  Evaluating the reliance on past choices in adaptive learning models.  .pdf

12/8/17 Estes, W.K. (1976).  The cognitive side of probability learning.  Psychological Review, 83, (1), 37-64. .pdf

12/1/17 Turner et al. (2017). Approaches to analysis in model-based cognitive neuroscience.  Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 76 Part B, 65-79. .pdf

Love, B.C. (2017).  Cognitive models as bridge between brain and behavior.  Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 1545.  .pdf

11/17/17 Lee et al. (Psycharxiv).  Deep neural networks as Gaussian processes. .pdf

 Bush, R.R., & Mosteller, F. (1951).  A mathematical model for simple learning.  Psychological Review.  .pdf

Aitken, M.R.F., & Dickinson, A. (2005).  Simulations of a modified SOP model applied to retrospective revaluation of human causal learning. Learning & Behavior, 33(2), 147-159. .pdf

11/10/17 Psychonomics – no meeting but we’ll read extra for 11/17

11/3/17 Estes, W.K. (1950).  Toward a Statistical Theory of Learning.  Psychological Review. .pdf

10/27/17 McClaren & Mackintosh (2000).  An elemental model of associative learning: I. Latent inhibition and perceptual learning.  Animal Learning & Behavior, 28 (3), 211-246. .pdf

10/20/17 McClaren & Mackintosh (2002). Associative learning and elemental representation: II Generalization and discrimination.  Animal Learning and Behavior. .pdf

10/13/17 No meeting because of Armadillo conference

10/6/17 Esber & Haselgrove (2011). Reconciling the influence of predictiveness and uncertainty on stimulus salience: A model of attention in associative learning.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  SuppMs  .pdf

Mondragon, Alonso, & Kokkola (2017). Associative learning should go deep.  Trends in Cognitive Sciences. .pdf

9/29/17 Nasser, Calu, Schoenbaum, & Sharpe (2017).  The dopamine prediction error: Contributions to associative models of reward learning.  Frontiers in Psychology.  .pdf

9/22/17 Navarro, Newell, & Schultze (2016). Learning and choosing in an uncertain world: An investigation of the explore-exploit dilemma in static and dynamic environments.  Cognitive Psychology.  .pdf