We are a cognitive neuroscience lab that uses behavioral and neuroscience methods as well as computational modeling to study learning and decision making.

One focus we have is on answering basic cognitive neuroscience questions about things related to reinforcement learning, categorization, and decision-making.

A second focus is to take the experimental paradigms, mathematical models, and analysis approaches we have developed through basic cognitive neuroscience research and use the to ask applied questions.

We are funded by the National Institute on Aging to examine how aging influences decision-making. We are also examining how things like impulsivity, substance use, dopaminergic affinity, personality, and other individual differences affect things like reward processing and decision-making.


Astin Cornwall – 2nd year graduate student

David Yang – 1st year graduate student

Former students

Kaileigh Byrne, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Clemson University

Bo Pang, Ph.D. – Graduate Student in Statistics, UCLA

Crina Silasi-Mansat, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Stephens College